Our Coffee Beans

Why is our coffee so good? Because Merdeka Coffee only purchases coffee beans directly from our partners, who are small-holding growers, rather than going through the brokerage system.

Through Merdeka Coffee's network of Antipodean Cafes, we'd served over 1,800,000 million cups as at April this year (2015)... mainly to fussy expatriates. We reckon that if our coffee survives the taste buds of our demanding patrons, the coffee must be pretty good!

Below are some of the specialty coffee beans available through Merdeka Coffee:-

Aceh Arabica
Bali Kintamani Arabica
Bukit Sentul Breakfast Blend

Espresso Blend
Espresso Blend - Dark Roast
Espresso Blend - Traditional

Flores Arabica

Gunung Wills Java
Java Estate
Java Village

Kopi Luwak
Ngobo Estate Arabica
Olde Dark Sumatra Arabica

Sumatra Lintong
Sumatra Mandehling
Sumatra Mandehling - Villlage

Timor Arabica
Toraja Arabica

West Sumatra Highland Arabica