Our Roasting Process

To roast the perfect bean we searched the world for a rotary roaster that would allow us to control every stage of the process. Many modern machines are controlled by computer processors, but like fine wine-making, roasting requires the roast master to be able to add his own personal touch to the process. Our machine is a classic drum roaster from Antigua, Guatemala. It was used by a highland estate to roast plump Guatemalan coffee cherries before we purchased, renovated and shipped her to Indonesia.

With our drum roaster secured we searched for the perfect place to roast. We decided to base ourselves in the mountain town of Bukit Sentul, near the old Dutch resort (now city) of Bogor. Here the air is fresher, cleaner and the climate is perfect for warehousing and roasting of our beans.

These days we do not only roast, but also export green beans around the world! We consider ourselves to be champions for the small coffee shop & home roasters all over the globe. With access to such a wide range of unique beans we take great pride in promoting what we consider to be the best that Indonesia has to offer.